About Us


Babies & Toddlers Play Area

Treehouse is a small den built specially for children age 4 months to 8 years to play!

A safe, homely and trustworthy place to drop-off your kids to stay and play with while you work, shop or run errands! 

We conduct plenty of daily activities for kids to learn, explore and have tons of fun. Activities include crafts, painting, science experiments, face painting, balloon bending and much more.....

Our staff is highly experienced and trained in taking care of babies and toddlers. They ensure the children are fed, entertained, and occupied during their stay at our centre.

We follow all COVID-19 precautions strictly to ensure safety and health of the children, staff and visitors.


Hello Parents

Kids bring joy to our lives and there's no doubt about it. 

We, at Treehouse, believe in providing utmost care to the children during their stay here and make sure they are entertained, engaged and learn while they play.


So here's a little something about me.

My previous work was as an Architect and Head of Green Building Division in a private firm in UAE and I have over 10 years experience in the field. However, when an opportunity such as Treehouse came my way, it was undeniable. 


I am a mum of a sweet little toddler and as a parent I understand how we strive to give the best of everything to our children. We need to be able to trust and have confidence in the caregivers and choose a safe, hygienic and fun environment to our children. This is exactly why I trust and believe in our team here at Treehouse who are well-trained, highly experienced, qualified in Pediatric First-Aid and above all, they love children.

Looking forward to seeing you and your little ones soon at Treehouse. 


Owner - Director


Manager - 

Childcare Specialist

Qualified in Bachelor of Secondary Education, Licensed Professional Teacher, CACHE Certified in Child Care Training Course and Certified in Pediatric First Aid

Previously worked as Secondary School Teacher for 3 years. Currently working in childcare for over 5 years.

I enjoy camping, cooking, baking and watching travel and food documentaries.


Childcare Specialist

Qualified in Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration , CACHE Certified in Child Care Training Course, Certified in Pediatric First Aid

Talented in face painting, balloon art making and coordinating/ organizing birthday parties.

I love eating and running!


Childcare Specialist


Qualified in Bachelor of Secondary Education, CACHE Certified in Child Care Training Course and  Certified in Pediatric First Aid.

Previously a pre-school teacher for 3 years. Now working as a childcare assistant for the past 7 years.

I enjoy sketching, drawing, dancing, singing and organizing activities for kids.


Childcare Specialist

Qualified in Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Certified in Pediatric First Aid.

Previosuly worked as a nurse in Philippines for 2 years. Been part of an investigation team with Philipine National Police for 5 years. And now working in childcare since 4 years.

I love outdoor activities, socializing with friends and watching Netflix.